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There are plenty of reasons why!

What’s the key factor you should consider when selecting an EMR? Good features? Fancy Look? Easy to use? Lower cost? Stable company to support your business continuity? Look at how the Android system obtained success and won the market. Yes, OSCAR use the same concept which is super! You can access your patient’s chart anywhere in the world. Welcome be the member of our community! OSCAR is also an OntarioMD certified funding eligible EMR program.


No license. The whole world is seeing the source code and improving them every minute.


Secure access provided through web browser. You can see records from anywhere in the world!


Unlimited potential to integrate with everything! Customize to fit into your working flow.


Multiple providers are available- it’s hassle free to switch your service. With a great technical team, you may even be able to service yourself.


Hosting your data in house to get 100% control, or get your data look after by the server farm.


No hidden prices, no licence fees… fees for service is much affordable compared to other EMR.



Managed Client Care:

We have satisfied clients who give us repeat business. We like to think

all-client-2016 that is because we have taken a long-term approach in a field where many providers, who many provide wonderful pricing, often leave their clients without supporting them in their long term solution and new innovation pursuits.

We have built a multi-dimensional realtime mirror/hot switch/monitoring platform to guard the safety of the product and service, and with ever-changing modern technology, We are excited to continually find more effective ways to look after our customer’s needs 24/7.

YES, 24/7 with managed and qualified service!

Passionate Team:

OSCARSERVICE is a team of passionate individuals who work hard toward success.

The individuals working at OSCARSERVICE encompass a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences, from large companies to start-ups, from computer expertise in hardware, software, mobile to related expertise in healthcare, education and science. We are one amazing, eclectic and diverse family. It is with our smarts, hard work, innovation and passion for helping the world become a healthier place which makes our products and services possible.

We enjoy working in a dynamic and fast paced environment where we welcome all the challenges ever-changing and new technology from around the world. We thrive on the excitement of change!

We work with other intelligent teams and companies, who also have awesome solutions and technologies, in order to mobilize creative change in the world. We are young, eager, and see endless opportunities to explore and grow together with you.

Professional Customization:

We are passionate about one thing: inspiring you to out perform.

Competition has never been more fierce both for businesses and for individuals looking to thrive in tomorrow’s marketplace.

Outperforming is the name of the game, and no one invigorates, rejuvenates, inspires and helps propel organizations and leaders to new heights in professional development more successfully than us.

Since 2006, OSCARSERVICE has proven to be a success in continually evolving programming development and system integration within the healthcare field.

Quick Support:


When dealing with patient medical records, data should be kept 100% safe, not 99%!

If the hardware crashed (eg: power supply, motherboard, hard drive) do you have a back up? If the database crashed, how long before you are able to continue working? If you cannot open a patient’s profile while the patient is at your clinic, what will you do? If your billing was rejected by EDT for unknown reasons, and you will miss the RA period, what will you do? If labs have not come for 4 days, how do you know the problem? How do you upgrade without damaging any data?

OSCAR always has newer features released which will fix and solve all these and more problems for you!

Great Price:

Our prices include many more services than other companies’ prices.

We offer compatible price rates for all the services we deliver. We price match if you find a provider with the same service coverage range for a lower price.

The more physicians you have, the more our price becomes better than others!



OSCARService Inc is a team dedicated to assisting doctors in the effective use and integration of Open Source medical software with medical devices and healthcare related softwares and platforms. This will economically improve patient care through the effective streamlining of medical records, and medical office communication and management.

Our team is associated with the OSCAR McMaster group which developed the OSCAR program beginning in January 2001. Having worked on the design and development of OSCAR with Dr. David Chan, our team has a unique insight into the workings of the OSCAR program and its practical applications.

Our skills, knowledge, integrity and attention to customer service combine to make our team a top provider and leader in the OSCAR service industry. We offer a complete suite of software products, and a variety of services such as installations, server support, and programming. We collaborate closely with our clients to customize a service package that meets their individual needs depending on their practice such as billing, GP, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc.

Our team continues to collaborate closely with the OSCAR McMaster group and OSCAR Canada to maintain and improve structural issues within the software.

For more information on any of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.