Virtual fax send transmission in the air

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OscarService had integrated with SRFax. Now you can have a virtual fax number without a fax line or transfer your existing analog fax number into digital with better price!

With our integration, it brings significant improvement on efficiency and convenience for your office to be able to view the incoming fax anytime,anywhere with just the web browser, and allow the visibility to attach to patients when you work at home. Sending fax is just a click!

Whether you have OSCAR in a local server, or in the cloud environment, Digital fax integration works perfectly for you.

OscarService also released a client which can be installed on Mac, Windows which allow you to fax out anything without OSCAR (assuming you have a SRFax number)

SRFax is a Canadian-based company offering Internet fax service to clients across North America. SRFax gives users the convenience of mobility by using email to send and receive faxes. It offer Email to Fax, Fax to Email, Online Faxing and an excellent Internet Fax API.

SRFax is used by individuals, SMB as well as a Enterprise solutions with access to their Internet Fax API. With unsurpassed reliability SRFax provides its users with a service which is never busy, secure and portable.

If you just want to apply the SRFax digital number, here is our corporation page with better price package.

If you want to apply the digital number and integrate with your OSCAR, please follow the steps below:

  • A. Apply the SRFax from the above link.
  • B. Contact provide your client ID and your SRFax account number/username/password to set it up. (Free for existing eFax enabled clients and $400 one time fee if you haven’t setup the eFax service before)
  • C. Our technical will setup accordingly and provide further instructions.