Use different UI for opthalmology

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I see so many EMR use ONE user interface for everything, which is easy for development and mainteance from the EMR company, but does this works for the end user? Myself also been trying hard think one solution to resolve everything, in the end I tell myself that one thing can do everything equals one thing does nothing good.

we had developed 3 different UI for OSCAR opthalmology, the most recent one is kind of the design for everything needed for eye doctors, while the other two compromised just for particular practice, clean, less busy but everything there is essential.

There are still technical difficulties that different UI can only be deployed in the compile level, not run time level, otherwise it will be ideal that user can setup their role like [retina] or [general], then they login into system and will see different UI focus on their speciality!

I truly believe that day will come soon!

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