Smart Fax saves your money

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One day, when I walked into a client’s office in a beautiful building, I noticed that they have 6 different sites located in different cities. I sat down and talked with the office manager about some business when I noticed a girl handing piles of paper into different rooms. “What is she doing?” I asked. “Oh, they are distributing faxes from different cities to girls to scan to patients.”  After the meeting, I circled around the office and found 10 scanners and 6 girls scanning documents and attaching to patients throughout the day. Their XEROX fax machine was printing like crazy and there were piles of paper in many offices.

I returned to the office and did a quick calculation: 200 pages a day = 73,000 pages a  year/146 boxes = $5840/year for just material. Then add in the 6 girls who spend an average of 1 hours a day scanning and attaching to patient charts = 20000 hours or 1 full time job a year at $11/hr = $22,000. This is not including the depreciation of the XERON all-in-one machine. So now they are paying over $30K a year needlessly.

Four months later, we launched the Smart Fax solution in this clinic. Now I can see a true smile on the owner’s face.

We are continually improving the Smart Fax solution, so it will adapt to different work flow from different practices no matter if you are a solo professional, in a hospital environment, or share a fax line. We save our clients money in many different ways.