Real Time Patient Health Card Validation

Directly linked to the Ontario Ministry of Health database, OSCARSERVICE Health Card Validation provides Ontario physicians with secure real time patient health card validation 24 hours a day 365 days a year.   Ideal for physicians who take walk-in and emergency appointments

  • Prevent lost income
  • Reduce rejected claims
  • Verify patient information
  • Identify direct billing cases
  • Reduce health card fraud
Get paid the first time

As much as 5% of OHIP billings go unpaid every year due to incorrect information.  With OSCARSERVICE Health Card Validation you can check eligibility during bookings or in advance of care to avoid OHIP rejections and to ensure all encounters are covered.

Improve productivity

Time saved is an important benefit of OSCARSERVICE Health Card Validation. There will be no more need to use the Province’s IVR validation system before every appointment, submit or review OBEC files in advance of the following day’s appointments or complete and follow-up on recovery submissions. Hours every month can be saved.

Easy to get started

OSCARSERVICE HCV is integrated with OSCAR EMR and pre-configured for you. There is no need to set up dedicated telephone lines , setup an MOHLTC account or pay for additional hardware or installation costs.  Plus the service can be used with a magnetic card reader for enhanced performance.

Receive health card alerts

If a health card fails to validate, OSCARSERVICE will display an “Invalid Health Card” Alert on the patient record until the health card can be validated. This provides administrators with a reminder to follow-up with patients so that eligibility can be determined as soon as possible.

Update patient demographics

Providers can add or update a patient’s demographics stored in OSCAR EMR by using information stored on a patient’s health card at the touch of a button.  Keeping patient information accurate and current is a simple way of improving the continuum of care and reducing errors.