Transfer patient data if they move or doctor retires

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In the paper age, when a patient was looking to transfer their medical records to another doctor, they had to pay. This was due to the fact that tons of paper had to be transferred. Today in the modern digital age, you might think it is easier, but it isn’t always. Different software are not using the same languages, therefore it is not easy to export or import information. The clinic may still have to ask staff to print all necessary information into different PDF formats, and to burn a CD and mail it.

One patient might not be a big deal, just spend an hour looking through all their information in the system and send the PDFs. How about if a doctor retires, and 1200 patient records need to be transferred? Now instead of panicking, it is best to contact your vendor as they can complete the process much faster. You pay a little, and you get what you want, without the hassle.