OscarService release OSCAR V12.1.1 upgrade version!

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We are excited to release the OSCAR V12.1.1 !  This release is mainly for OntarioMD spec 4.1, but also has lots of other new features and bug fixes developed by OscarService, which are being released to OSCAR community as well.

Here is the list of new features from community:

  • OLIS support
  • HRM support
  • Better data sharing solution (for FHO, FHG and FHT)
  • Better portal patients import / export
  • Bug fixes

Here is the list of new features developed by OscarService :

  • Multiple Signature support with signature pad
  • OSCAR opthalmology package version 3.0
  • OSCAR / Zeiss opthalmology portal version 1.0
  • Super site with multi-site  (patients can be assigned/discharged to different site with strict access)
  • Billing enhancement for private bill. (support transactions and refund, discount, credit and multiple payments)
  • New sketch toy drawing forms (support 3D rotate)
  • IVF tracking forms
  • Bug fixes