Is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) really a new thing, and is it really better?

In fact, running software across the internet is nothing new. Major medical software companies have been offering this service to their clients successfully and securely for over a decade.

Many of us are already (unknowingly) running our EMR systems in a ‘cloud’ type scenario. For example, If you have a centralized server, and use it across multiple office locations, or, if you are seeing patients in a satellite office and entering information into your EMR system then you are already technically ‘cloud’.

·   Because of the nature of your medical business, Oscar can easily run in a cloud environment.

·   By utilizing only a simple browser and a secured internet connection, cloud deployments are often much more secure than traditional onsite solutions.

Your important data is stored, protected, and backed-up across a robust network of Canadian data centers, owned by our partner, the largest cloud in Canada, Server Cloud Canada.

The latest and greatest EMR technology coupled with high availability, 100% Canadian, cloud. Help your partners and staff navigate the changing, increasingly complex medical practice environment.


  • We certify that all cloud hosting services detailed in this response are hosted and maintained in data centers located across Canada.
  • We ensure that any and all data, applications, databases, and computer code remain under the sole ownership of the respective participating entity.
  • All services are fully redundant across our network, meaning no single failure can cause lost of data or downtime.
  • Our internal backups are on a standard retention policy of 2 weeks with full backups taken every week and incremental snapshots daily. Custom retention policies can be set on request.
  • Backups are stored in a minimum of two separate locations in Canada at least 200km apart.
  • The infrastructure availability Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the Dedicated Cloud is 100 

Local VS Hosting

LOCAL (Local Deployment)
ASP (Hosting In Canadian Cloud)
OSCAR EMR And Available Add-on Featuresticktick
Onsite server hardware required (upfront investment)tickcross
Oscar Community, Standard, Professional, and Platinum versions and features available ticktick
Lower technology TCOcrosstick
100% Uptime Guarantee and SLAcrosstick
Fail-over to local sitestickcross
Fail-over to multiple sites in Canadacrosstick
Easy capability (up or down)crosstick
Guaranteed network and data security monitoringcrosstick
No worry data backupsticktick
Enterprise grade hardwarecrosstick
24/7 network NOC T3 enterprise level supportcrosstick
24×7 Onsite security, video surveillance systems with retention, bio-metric secured access, onsite power generation, battery backup, multiple fiber optic internet feedscrosstick
Hosting Fee (cover 2 x CPU,6G RAM 50G HDD)N/A $150/Month
Addition Hard driver (GB)N/A$0.3/GB /Month
Support Fee  (first doctor)$250/Month$250/Month
Support Fee (each additional FTE doctor)$100/Month$100/Month
Contract required  (yearly)tickcross




$250per month

  • Best choice for most healthcare professionals
  • Perfect setup for most elements
  • 24×7 support


$400per month

  • Best choice for start-ups
  • Hosting & support fee all included
  • 24×7 support