OSCAR V15 On The Way

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A long waited new version is on the way! OSCAR 15.0 offers physicians enhanced security, privacy, interoperability and clinician-driven features, as well as greater choice in how to use OSCAR to support best practices in patient care, efficient practice management and effective patient engagement. It is the result of an unprecedented level of investment by McMaster University and by the open-source community over the past three years. This release marks the 15th anniversary of OSCAR’s open source debut by McMaster University and over 15 years of continuous innovation, collaboration and positive impact.

As one important OSCAR open source community member who understand both open source and medical practice, and has been always testified successfully, OscarService keep contributing the innovative features and improvement into new OSCAR to make the community better, In the new version 15,  we contributed those key improvement:

  • Redesigned private billing module which can support those medical practice which has complicated 3rd party payment plan, provide overdue reminders.
  • Enhanced ophthalmology form version 3 to support more different type of ophthalmology practice.
  • Methadone module to easy prescribe and track the methadone patients.
  • Enhanced appointment to prevent over booking, track patient arrive/waiting time and more.
  • Enhanced intelligent billing for preventative care.
  • Enhanced consultation request module which support OLIS and HRM, with preview available.
  • New designed 3D free drawing in the encounter for those like tablet/stylus with diagram.
  • Support more lab handles from different labs vendor.
  • New designed workflow automation for front desk / doctor upon swipe the health card.
  • Many other enhancement throughout the system like customizable day sheet, IVF form, multisite, prevention, demographic, billing, appointment, etc.

We also make HCV CLOUD (real time health card validation) available to all OSCAR users via different OSP through OSCAR integrated apps. (pending approval)

We are honored to be part of the open world and are so happy to see our work can benefit the world and make life better.