OSCAR is ready for any devices

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OSCAR is ready for any devices, no matter what you have, PC, Mac, iPads, Android tablets, Tablet PCs, or even iPhones, Android phones, you can chart now from anywhere of the world with secure connection.

The background: with fast switch over, from the usage of desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones that is happening in the digital world has introduced the need for swift adaptation to powerful technological developments. In this array, Bootstrap is the recent innovation in the field of web design, paving ways for new creations to the web designers. It is the front-end framework that can be developed with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is responsive, mobile-first and powerful. It has the option of switching off responsiveness feature to accommodate fixed, non-flexible functionality. Twitter introduced this framework and used it for over a year before Bootstrap became an open source application.


You can take advantage of the up to date technology from your mobile devices to work with your EMR system, like dictation, there are many dictation software you can use from Apple store or Google player, the Mac OS come with dictation system as well. All you need to do is open the chart and speak…

If you are not in the city and don’t have wifi, take your phone to chart, the screen will automatically adjust for you with all the same information and functionality.