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Happy 2017 ! @_@

OSCARSERVICE launched the e-learning platform for our existing customers and new customers, now you can learn OSCAR and related integrated product whenever you have time, wherever you are, use your computer, your tablet, or even mobile phone.

Depends on your role, you can pick different type of course to learn, like course for front desk, course for administrator, course for doctor and nurse, course for biller, or course for advanced user, you can also pick up a path to learn, a path include everything you need to know for front desk, administrator, doctor and nurse, biller or advanced user.

We are continuously keep improving the customer user experience towards best satisfaction, helping to increase the customer’s work efficiency while low down your cost.

  • It’s cost effective and saves time:

By reducing the time taken away from the office, removing travel costs and doing away with printed materials, online learning helps you to save money and increase workplace productivity. It also means your staff will be happier and focused.

  • Learning 24/7, anywhere:

By allowing staff to complete the course when and where they like you can make sure disruptions to your busy working schedule are minimal. This also means that your staff will be happier because within a certain time your staff can learn the same course over and over again until remember, and if they have important work to catch up on mandatory training can be done outside of office hours in exchange for lieu time.

  • It makes tracking of course progress a breeze:

Our online learning platform makes it easy to track and prove progress for your staff and learners. This can be essential for our most popular courses where proof of mandatory training is required.

  • It’s discreet:

Not everybody feels comfortable learning in a large group, especially if they find something hard to understand that co-workers have no problem with. Our learning platform allows each individual to tackle the subject at their own pace, with interactive tasks being set in place to ensure a thorough understanding throughout each module.

  • But a computer can’t do everything can it!

Nothing is perfect, and we understand that in some cases people still prefer face to face talk and education, you can find our weekly training workshop here, also you are always welcome to call our main office number to book an onsite training as well.

To access the e-learning platform, click here