Integrated Diagnose

In the last 3 decades, perinatal medicine has made tremendous advances in scientific knowledge and in the successful application of this knowledge toward understanding the fetal aspects of pregnancy. Evaluation of the health of the fetus and screening for birth defects has become an important part of prenatal care. OSCARSERVICE made it possible for the
Every specialist is different, even you and your colleagues working under the same roof, your want your report send differently, and only server your own purpose, plus, it has to be professional looking. Tired copy/paste from the patient’s chart? the data is there why should the physician spent time on what supposed to be automatic?

Online Learning Web Portal Launched

Happy 2017 ! @_@ OSCARSERVICE launched the e-learning platform for our existing customers and new customers, now you can learn OSCAR and related integrated product whenever you have time, wherever you are, use your computer, your tablet, or even mobile phone. Depends on your role, you can pick different type of course to learn, like

OSCAR is ready for any devices

OSCAR is ready for any devices, no matter what you have, PC, Mac, iPads, Android tablets, Tablet PCs, or even iPhones, Android phones, you can chart now from anywhere of the world with secure connection. The background: with fast switch over, from the usage of desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones that is happening