Live24 is a high availability solution designed by OSCARSERVICE for any Linux platform based product. It provides system level monitoring, auto recovery service for key programs monitored,  real time mirror for file system, and also real time database replication. It also provides service management including network IP to allow applications to automatically switch from 1 node to another node without changing any configuration or losing any data. Live24 provides the option to eliminate the down time for the user when one server encounters a fatal error, so they can continuously focus on their main business and deal the technical issue later on.

Live24 can be deployed in many cases, as long as the hosting operation system is a Linux distribution. OSCAR is a good example where Live24 provides excellent protection.

Live24 protect you with high availability

  • Real time mirror

    o Real-time file system mirror
    o Database real time replication
  • Fail over auto switch

    o Automatically system fail-over among multiple nodes.
    o High availability with single VIP IP access
    o More stable & less downtime.
  • Service auto recovery

    o Advanced system service monitoring
    o Auto recovery on service failure