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Let’s look at this case first:


Two weeks ago you booked 40 patients for Tuesday. Today is Tuesday, you get up earlier, drive to your clinic for 8AM, and wait. Only 5 patients show up, so you wait some more. By 5PM you only saw 10 patients. What a miserable day! At 7PM you close the office and go home.

Two weeks pass by, those days repeat, and you start to become worried about paying for your office, and staff.


Let’s look at what appointment reminders does for you:


Two weeks ago you booked 40 patients for Tuesday. Appointment reminders were sent 48 hours before, and your appointment page indicated that 15 patients are not confirmed, or have cancelled through the automatic appointment confirmation system. Your clinic staff then book another 10 patient on Monday to fill those empty time slots. Now there is no more waiting around, you can manage your time. You saw 42 patients on Tuesday, and can close your clinic at 3PM and go home.


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