The HRM solution enables clinicians using a Specification 4.1 (or higher) Funding Eligible EMR to receive patient reports electronically from a hospital or Independent Health Facility (IHF) in Ontario. HRM sends narrative text-based Medical Record and Diagnostic Imaging reports it receives from hospitals or IHFs electronically and stores them in a secure folder for pick-up by the clinician’s EMR. The EMR picks up the reports, which are posted to the patient’s record in the EMR and to the clinician’s inbox for review and sign-off.

OntarioMD is leading the deployment of the HRM solution on behalf of eHealth Ontario. This includes coordinating the activities required to connect a hospital or IHF to a clinician practice.

Ontario HRM

  • Benefits of HRM for hospitals or IHFs

    For community-based physicians or NPs, HRM provides quicker access to information needed for making decisions about patient care, leading to improvements in safety and quicker follow-up care activities. With HRM, clinic staff will spend less time on handling and scanning paper reports. Overall, clinics will experience improved productivity and cost savings and staff will have more time to perform patient-related functions.
  • Historic lab searchable

    All the patients historic lab result searchable backward no matter where patient went to check lab.