Digital Fax

Faxing may seem old and outdated to many, but in certain regulated industries, faxing is still the gold  standard of sending and receiving important and confidential documents. Healthcare is one of the industries that still relies heavily upon faxing to send and receive medical documents among healthcare providers and payers. In fact, the National Physicians survey found that 63% of respondents stated fax was their primary form of communication. As the healthcare industry is transitioning from a paper world to a digital one, faxing helps to bridge these two worlds together. However, as technology has continued to evolve, people expect more out of their fax machines.

OscarService had made the fax digitalized and even integrated with OSCAR in the real world.  Doesn’t matter you have an old analog fax line or a cloud based fax number, Now you can view the incoming fax anytime, anywhere with just the web browser, and allow the visibility to attach to patients when you work at home. Sending fax is just a click!

Digital Fax

  • Incoming fax to the web browser

    View the incoming fax anytime,anywhere with just the web browser.
  • Support multi fax line

    Support multi analog fax line, or multi digital fax line, or mixed.
  • Integrated with OSCAR

    Allow the visibility to attach to patients in OSCAR when you work at home. Send consultation / referral letter with 1 click.
  • Rich features

    Split, rotate, cover letter, refusal template, category rules, user role etc.
Digital Fax