Appointment Reminder



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Easy on your wallet

No additional fees - only $35 per month at the end of the month for unlimited email reminders, month to month contract

Easy to run

From the console application, select date and click the send button to send reminders to all patients with email addresses who have appointments on the selected day

Easy to control

Disable reminders by patient or provider, set filters for appointment age and cancellation policy

Easy communications

Decide if you want to receive confirmations or cancellation from patients; results are collected daily and emailed in a report, with option to receive an immediate email if a patient cancels their appointment.


Would you like to send appointment reminders to patients with no email address? Then add voice reminders, with price based on monthly volume:

Voice Reminder VolumePrice Per Reminder
1-50021 cents
501-100018 cents
1001-200015 cents
2001+14 cents


Setting up Caller ID - showing your clinic's phone number when calling is included.


1) Open the console application and choose the day for which appointment reminders will be sent. The console application is installed on desktop computers.The 'To Send' configuration:

'To Send' FilterSetting
StatusNo appointments filtered
Appointment TypeNo appointments filtered
ProviderNo providers filtered

2) When an appointment is found the appointment time and date is inserted into the email template and the email is sent. The default template does not allow patients to confirm or cancel via buttons on the email (this is configurable).The template configuration:

Template typeSetting
EmailOne per practice.No confirmation or cancel option provided
VoiceNo voice templates unless Add-On option selecte

3) The next day, a report is created and sent listing the reminders sent and their current status (e.g. reminder sent, confirmed, cancelled, failed).The reports configuration:

Reminder ResultsSent the next day to the administrative email account
Real time cancellation notificationsOff



Provided by Cliniconex

If your clinic’s scheduling or patient workflow needs a flexible and complete appointment reminder solution, upgrade to the Precise Workflow Fit solution provided directly from Cliniconex.


Fully automated

Including status updates into Oscar - no need to transfer confirmations or cancellation into the scheduler and reminders go out exactly when you want them fully automatically (no console application required).


Flexible and complete template mapping: provider, appointment type, status, location, language (supported), time of day, or combinations of these. Reminders go out exactly how you want them to in all situations.

Better response rates

Improved voice reminder response rates via a second or third retry. Retrying a reminder means another opportunity for a patient to answer the call and respond in the case where the first call is answered by an answering machine, if the line is busy, or if there is no answering machine and the phone continuously rings.

Satisfaction guarantee

One month free trial to ensure configuration truly fits your scheduling workflow

Priority support

Priority support from Cliniconex


Clinic VolumePrice per patient reminded

(includes retries!)

1-50030 cents
501-100025 cents
1001-200022 cents
2001+20 cent

A $500 on-going support fee is charged only if the trial is successful.



#Unlimited Email RemindersPrecise Workflow Fit
PricingFlat fee: $35 per provider per month.Based on tiered volume. As little as 20 cents per reminded patient.
Add-onsTier priced voice reminders. As little as 14 centsEmail, voice and text reminders are already included.In addition, the following add-ons are available: Appointment Recalls, Preventive Care, Outreach Campaigns. These add-ons are priced based on tiered volume.
Reminder TemplatesOne Email and (optinally) one Voice per clinic.More than one of each is possible - please contact OscarService regarding the details of your needsUnlimited
Template mappingNoneAppointment type, provider, status, location, time of day or combinations of these.If these aren't sufficient for a precise workflow fit, we'll extend to meet your needs!
Reminder ControlDisable per patient or per providerDisable by appointment type, provider, status, location, time of day or combinations of these.We'll meet your needs if these are insufficient for a precise workflow fit.
Reminder RetriesNo - Expect a 25-35% response rateYes - increases response rate to 50-80%
Reminder InitiationManually via console application - select date and click on "Send Now!"Appointments are automatically read from the scheduler and responses are automatically updated back into the scheduler.
30-day Free TrialNoYes.We prove to you that the reminder system matches your workflow precisely and require no effort to run or training to learn.